El Pueblo de Maíz

El Pueblo de Maíz



The People of the Corn or Kaajixi’im is one of the best attraction in Cozumel, a place to live a Mayan experience, a journey back in time where music, dance and a prehispanic people will lead you by the hand. It’s a tour and a play at the same time, where the story of the beginning of times is narrated, and you will become a part of it.

In the time when Itzamná, father of the gods, ruled the cosmos…; thus begins the legend of the People of the Corn, a story told by the holy twins Xbalam-ké and Hunab-Kú, who will welcome you in Itzamná’s own court to begin the journey. The twins will guide your journey through the Mayan jungle from the underworld, where the first corn seeds where harvested to be presented to the great sages for the creation of humankind, and would be delivered later to become the basis of their diet.



During this tour, you will make a stop at a chicle camp to show you the process «chicleado» (gum extraction) from the great tree of the «chicozapote» (sapodilla or chicle tree) to prepare the natural chicle (gum) or sikte that will accompany you in your long trip to the temple of Ixchel to ask and pray for the fertility of the earth that will allow the flowering of the People of the Corn.

Once the offerings have been delivered the Xaman will purify the visitors to grant them access to the town of the People of the Corn, where you will be received with a Dance and welcome ceremony. The Owl, guardian of the underworld, will perform the Dance of Fire, dedicated to the venerable Sun. The drums, symbol of the heartbeat, will join all in one in this ceremony full of mysticism where the music, dance, and the copal will elevate the senses of the spectators.

Experience a chicle camp, revive the journey to Cozumel to honor the goddess Ixchel and participate in sundry workshops and tastings where you will experience the life of the residents. Each palapa will receive you with unique activities dedicated to the hallowed lord of the corn, to the deity of the honey bee, the venerable lord of cocoa and to the sisal.

You will be able to share the inheritance of body painting, making your face or body a perfect canvas. The costumes are stunning; they will leave you with your mouth open. Let your senses get involved in the dance, the prehispanic music, the smells, the textures, the colors and the splendor of the Mayan rituals.

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