Puertos Morelos, captivating.

Puertos Morelos, captivating.

A fusion on art and natural beauty in a magical corner of the Riviera Maya, it is the oldest natural port of Quintana Roo and the most important statewide and a strategic point to visit Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, being its cuisine one of its best attractions.

The current insignia of Puerto Morelos is the lighthouse, which was inclined by Hurricane Beulah in 1967 and has a reef (declared national Park) that is part of the world’s second largest reef barrier, and it is only 500 meters from the beach.

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Puerto Morelos, «Home of artists», is a multicultural, attractive and art oriented area; besides its beautiful beaches («the most beautiful of the Riviera Maya»), restaurants and variety of tours, it has an interesting cultural offer for its inhabitants and visitors. It seeks to become a destination for art and culture through gastronomic, wine, beer, music and plastic arts festivals and the best is to see the residents getting involved.

With art galleries everywhere and local venues hosting cultural and artistic activities such as concerts, exhibitions and recitals all the time. It is common to find all kinds of cultural events such as the flea market of crafts, Hunab-Ku, with artisans from the region and other parts of Mexico and the world.


In Puerto Morelos there are about 80 artisans who are union members and boost the sector, mainly, they are producers of clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes and products made from amber. You can even find items now with an origin tag called «Hecho en Puerto Morelos» (Made in Puerto Morelos), which promotes the sale of products made in the municipality.

Among the highlights of the Port is the Art Festival, where people are encouraged to buy local products, and promote the culture in the place. The «Casa de la Cultura» (House of Culture) conducts a «Waterfront International Theatre Festival» (Festival de Teatro Internacional Frente al Mar) and the International Music Festival (Festival Internacional de Música), which promotes the different musical genres during three days. Additionally, the event is complemented with the show of plastic and visual arts, Art Walk, who present their works and at night events take place in the different bars, which is called «Huateque Trasnochado».

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The Microbrew Beer Festival (Festival de Cerveza Artesanal) is an experience that goes beyond just drinking a «chela» (beer), it gives you the opportunity to meet experts on it and the art of producing it; accompanied with tastings, workshops and conferences. Also, various of our local restaurants contribute to the festival preparing exquisite dishes worthy of being accompanied with a refreshing beer.

Imagine Puerto Morelos Circus is a platform where circus artists come to share their skills with the community, including disciplines like magic, aerial and floor acrobatics, clowns, contortion and performances that astonish by their aesthetic and complexity. And talking about its natural beauty, we could not forget one of the biggest attractions of the place, Yaax Che, also known as «Botanical Garden Alfredo Barrera Marin» or «The Shrine of the Mayan Forest», the largest of its kind in the country (161 acres) and a place where you can enjoy take pleasure in the flora and fauna of the region. It also has a small archaeological site and a suspension bridge from which you can sight the mangroves and the sea. It is common to encounter families of coatis and spider monkeys which roam the park in complete freedom.

Cosmopolitan but with that small town flavor/feeling, Puerto Morelos is home for the art of the Riviera Maya, bringing nature and culture together.

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