Passion and art

Passion and art

DSC_0858IT IS SAID that the crash of a huge asteroid into the Yucatan Peninsula, 66 million years ago, caused the dinosaurs’ massive extinction. And it’s the echo of that asteroid the responsible for the chaos at the Naturalium, a big library and a knowledge hub, whose architecture blends with the natural surroundings of the Mayan Jungle (Selva Maya). This cataclysm gives way to the opening act of Joyà, Cirque du Soleil most recent show. Joyà is the first show of this very successful circus, especially designed to make the viewer feel as if he were inside of the performance. The intimate space created in a lagoon which is accessed by a wooden bridge and surrounded by the beautiful decor of a library, allows you to appreciate every movement of the actors.


In addition, one hour before the show, sitting comfortably in the spectacular theater and under the intricate candelabra, viewers can enjoy a full threecourse dinner with a bottle of champagne. This fine dining feature dishes made with the best ingredients and flavors Mexico can offer, carrying the bounty of nature to a whole new level. Both, the cuisine as the architecture and aesthetic of Joyà, reflect and celebrate the Mayans’ awe by nature and are inspired by the natural beauty of the surrounding jungle above an intricate maze of underground rivers and cenotes. In fact, the whole concept of the venue where the show comes to life pretends to give the impression that you stepping into a large cenote inside a mangrove, complemented with crystal clear ponds, coral stones and a magnificent waterfall. It’s a visual tale 70 minutes long about the cultural wealth of the country. In it, the imagination of the Canadian circus intertwines with the history, culture, nature and characters of Mexico. The Theater of the Riviera Maya (Teatro de la Riviera Maya), which accommodates up to 600 people, is part of the project between Cirque du Soleil and Vidanta Group, an entertainment company that seeks to boost tourism in Mexico.

The assembly took approximately a year, from the conceptualization of the history and the construction of the stage to the rehearsals with over 24 actors and dancers from 15 different countries, such as Mexico, the united States and Canada. Inhabited by fascinating characters who work hand in      hand to perpetuate the love of life, Joyà abounds in subtle allusions to the history and culture of Mexico, from the migration of monarch                      butterflies to the asteroid believed to have caused
the extinction of dinosaurs, never forgetting artists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo

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