Ephimeral art at the seashore

Ephimeral art at the seashore

«I’m not an artist; I’m just a creative person».

This is how Jose Luis defines himself; Venezuelan by birth he has resided in Playa del Carmen for 14 years.

The birth of an artist: – At age 12 I realized I wanted to be a sculptor, with a piece of stone, a chisel and a knife I sculpted the faces of Jesus, Simon Bolivar and the Virgin Mary between two hands, a rudimentary and rough sculpture, with offers to buy [but] my mother jealously will not part from it – tells Jose.

We all have an artistic influence, someone whom we honor, – As we say in Venezuela, «I was stuck» in the Renaissance. I love Michelangelo and I admire Antonio Canova’s technique.

What is art to you? – The definition of art is to be able to hear and be heard through your work, the feeling of expressing, of transmitting feeling, of learning through what you’re watching. In my case sculpting is a necessity, a vice – Answer the sculptor.

In my case, sculpting is a necessity, an addiction. – Answered Jose Luis.

For many, buying art gives them the ability to appreciate their favorite piece of art every day, for others it’s a type of investment, but what do we know about ephemeral art?

Nowadays, art finds itself in this economic conflict in the world, its value is set depending on who likes it; when I work on the beach, I transform the sand, if any sculpture breaks I just water it again and make another, it is completely recyclable, I need to transform matter and with an inert material, such as sand, you can give it life, that’s the beauty of ephemeral art.

One of the most beautiful things I’ve learned while sculpting is humility. I toured 32 countries, with an album, backpack and shovel, experiences that no one can take from me and that a credit card can’t buy. – Jose shares with pride.


He likes to watch people when they are looking at his work. – Just knowing they leave their problems behind at least for an instant, that’s what it leaves in me, it’s that feeling fills you, no matter the sun, the rain, fasting, you’re doing what you love and I look for that, the need to express myself, to make someone feel that «something», watching a child gather sand next to my sculpture to try to replicate it, that’s where the children’s workshops idea came from, I teach them and they teach me, I learn marvelous things from them every day. – He says.

It’s surprising how he can’t stop telling beautiful anecdotes after two and a half hours, and with each story comes a new idea for something to do for this city. Listening to what he proposes surrounds us with beauty and culture.

Fill a city with art and it will be a city that can change you, raise your child into any artistic aspect and I guarantee you that will be a child that will not pick up a gun in his/her lifetime, his/her life will revolve around feelings and thought. Mexico’s error is to not give spaces for artists to express themselves, they are not given the necessary support, I want to make out of Playa a culturally artistic city. I will work in hospitality a couple more years, hoping that later awareness that ephemeral art is something positive for the community comes and be able to make a show, convincing them to lend me the beach; because they say the sand wears away (it’s worth noting that only sand and seawater are used). I would like to invite Benjamin Probanza this year, the second best sculptor in the world, to make an exhibition of ephemeral art, but if you do not help me with the resources necessary, I cannot do it alone. – concluded Jose.

Last year he organized the Art Festival (Festival de Arte) in Puerto Morelos and this year he has not lost hope yet that it can be done again in July. A creative mind and filled with projects, [he is] a genius and an art seducer. His hands, soul and mind are synchronized to sculpt the world with a more artistic vision of it.

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